A Major Twist in the Story

So this blog took a major turn, didn’t it?

Well first, I decided to share my ideas and reviews in English and the whole language of the blog changed. The main reason for this change is to get to share more with more people around the world. I wish I could speak Chinese, that would have helped a lot, but not yet.

In addition to that, I decided to keep the blog as not just a training journal but as a way to share any and everything i can. This will definitely include whining about hard training sessions but also about chocolate chips I am planning to make, my search on making my own power gels and also places and races I get to see. The main reason for this twist right here was that I realized there was a whole lot of running I wanted to share in my daily life also. So I am hoping I’ll share all those moments whether I’m training or just rushing in the traffic of my life that will hopefully blossom  under the rain.

Oh! Almost forgot! Upon all these changes, I also decided to only put pictures that I took, or that I witnessed the taking of, this way I hope I’ll give everyone a more objective insight to my life, instead of copying and pasting random pictures from online.

Don't these orienteers look fierce!
Don’t these orienteers look fierce!

Here’s a picture of me and some of my team mates from the METU Orienteering and Navigation Team. I’m very sure that they will be mentioned a lot in my posts, so get to know them. I’ll share more about them later on.

Hope I won’t bore you with all these little bits of my life

Well Cheers Then!

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