Recent Trainings

Well, when was my last training ? Well that really depends on what you call a training!

Starting my internship in the midst of the summer, I was very motivated to learn and train for a triathlon.  I had swim practices, indoor spinning (I did not and still do not have a proper bike), and of course casual running. Well my perfect schedules and motivation faded away when the indoor pool was closed, as there aren’t many swimmers around in the summer time. Just a week before this I rode my first 40k on a borrowed bike in a very special tour to raise awareness for cycling in the memory of “Meril Çiğdem Durmuş”. Cycling outside, experiencing the wind blowing on your body, the effort to cycle up hill, and the heavy but still functional mountain bike really didn’t help me keep my motivation.  I lost my courage, and the little bit of hope that pushed me to train everyday.

Ok, so I did know that being a triathlete was not easy. “If it was easy, everyone would be one” phrase seems to become a classic, but I have always considered these “hard” or “challenging” races or events to be in my reach or at least things that I could accomplish even if I had to struggle with all the physical and mental barriers on the way. Now, I am not even sure I could get to that! I started to feel like everyday I’m missing a training, I am losing any chance I have at competing in a triathlon. I am still missing many of the equipment I need for the tri, and am not sure if I could get them all in such a short time with the short budget I have.

Enough with the pessimistic approach though! Just to get rid of this mood I was in, and start being active again I started attending these YOGA sessions in my university, METU’s stadium (ODTÜ). There is this huge writing in the audience seats that says “DEVRİM” meaning REVOLUTION. Being able to enjoy YOGA, and the feeling of cold, cosy grass underneath  your toes is indescribable.

Enjoying the sun, the wind and yoga in my favourite place on the campus.
Enjoying the sun, the wind and yoga in my favourite place on the campus.

Photography by Mert Akdemir

Also, I finally started to read “Triathlon Revolution” by Terri Schneider. Although it contains many trivial essentials for triathlon, it also has some specific responses to certain injuries and mental preparation for “the tri”. The best thing about “Triathlon Revolution” is that in every couple of pages there are interviews and memoirs of past Ironman and triathletes. Being able to empathize with people who has achieved something I see impossible  and seeing that we both experience same emotions and problems even though racing and competing in such different levels is extra ordinary.

Anyhow, I believe I will keep my passive recovery to a minimum and and will try to stay a bit more active on the week that follows. I will spend the whole week in Eskişehir, a neighbour city with students all over Europe with EESTEC. LC Eskişehir will be hosting the Photosynthesis 2,  in their words :” We’re offering you an amazing week, lots of fun, useful trainings, great parties, delicious Turkish food and chance to recognize other cultures with photography.
For more info on this or just wait ’till I get back 🙂

One last thing, for the last 2 weeks I rarely drove or took a bus. I have chosen to save some (not too much, not even close to enough) money, by walking everywhere! It all started when I was feeling great after an awesome party with friends from CLS group. It was late at night, and no buses were to be seen, so the only transportation I had was a taxi. As I’ve been trying to save some money for the tri gear, I decided to walk from the center of the city (Kızılay) to my house in Balgat. It was only an hour of walking, but I guess I really rushed myself as I was getting sleepy, and it was a bit scary walking at 2 am on a desolate street. Since then I’ve been walking at least 8Km (5 miles) a day just for transportation means, and it does feel great 🙂

Wow, I really had a lot to share on this post.
’til next time


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