The Old City


 Sometimes you just can’t write. This is mainly because it is so hard to find the right words to describe something so good that, well it’s hard ok?

The past week was, as simple as possible, awesome!


As I mentioned I was a guest to Eskişehir (Old Cİty in Turkish) to an event LC Eskişehir of EESTEC was hosting. Photosynthesis 2! The event was a workshop focusing on photography & Photoshop.  So much happened in 7 days,of  which are nearly impossible to describe and to understand without experiencing it. If I have to narrow the whole week, one could say that it consisted of 3 things; Beautiful Trips, Endless Partying and Great People!

                      OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

It was such a good feeling to meet lots of people from Europe. Even though many of us lived so far away, our jokes and laughs were one. We traveled all around the city, took endless photos and partied hard every day. We practiced our crazy dance moves (hope the videos never see the light of day), tried international drinks  (rakija, ouzo, raki, wine and much more that i can’t remember) and partied until daylight.


In the mean time, those great people were also great sportsmen and supported me in the crazy training sessions I planned out. Maybe the most memorable and most fun was the city trip we had with the bikes we rented along traffic on one side and tramway rails on the other. We got to see the Aviation Museum, the first Turkish Car, a memorial and lastly the artificial sea(it has a beach!) in the middle of Anatolia. With this, out of nowhere I got to cycle and have enormous fun with EESTECers. Also with an awesome lad from Hungary and when we saw the boulders where Phrygians lived centuries ago, we couldn’t help but rush our way up! Although there was different routes to take, I guess we took one of the hardest ways up, squeezing through little holes, taking risky leaps. But in the end we managed to reach the highest peak around!


Overall, it was an unbelievable trip with amazing people! I managed to keep myself (very) active, walked nearly everywhere, and took a small break from training.


Here’s what we called URANIUM! Asking the waitress if they had any uranium and how much it was a once in a life time thing 🙂


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