Just Small Adjustments

August has come to an end, summer was too short and full of memories.

Many races await in the not so far distant. I know these, I had known these for a few weeks now and what have i done? Well not enough training, that’s for sure but I keep convincing myself that I have trained a bit, which is better than none at all. As a fellow blogger (BiggerThanSmaller) mentions I’d like to think that I was active throughout the summer and that was how I survived my summer offseason. Especially in August where I made a pact with myself that I would not use cars, shuttles or any other environment killing transportation mean, which has also become my  wallet’s worst enemy.

It all started when me and a bunch of friends from USA (CSL Group) were hanging out in Tunali (center of Ankara, bars&clubs&stuff). It was a bit late and there were no buses or shuttles around so the only possible way get home was to grab a cab. Knowing that I had many races coming up and a nearly empty wallet in my pocket I decided to take a short hike with my friend. Chatting and gossiping we managed to walk half of the way without noticing. Our ways departed, and I started to walk in the deserted alleys and roads of Ankara at 3 AM in the morning. The street lights were shining brightly and with disappointment there was no blinking “horror movie street lights” around. There was a soft breeze which even motivated me to walk faster, turning a long walk home into a small training, and a chance to clear my mind after a very long day.  When I arrived home, I found myself sweating as if I had jogged and my heart pounding,  that was enough to persuade me that I would love to use these long walks as a way to compensate for the forever lost training sessions.

So I walked and walked. Public transportation is expensive where I live in. Grabbing a cab is even more expensive. Whenever I needed or wanted to go somewhere I charged my iPod and hit the roads early. As it turns out, I managed to get to some places faster than my friends did, as I didn’t need to deal with any traffic (almost) and wasted no time waiting for the bus. The only problem was the sweat that accompanied me with the long walks with the sun shinning hard. So I decided taking a towel and some perfume with me as I always carry a backpack wherever I go.


Here’s one of the longest routes I took between my swimming and jogging sessions.

In the mean time, instead of listening to thrilling, motivational, fast paced music, I started listening to the one and only Turkish Running podcast called “Koşturmaca” (The Chase). 2 great runners, Mert & Ilgaz, have spared us time to share their experiences about everything there’s about running. Unfortunately they do not have an English version, but for all of you that practices Turkish, it is full of warm conversations of two runners just like you and me. Anyway, listening to the podcast has motivated me even more and not wasting any time and getting to know more about the world of running is just great!

I also got my repairs done on the old bicycle I have. Although the breaks are a bit rusty,certain gears are not to be maintained and with high speeds come shaking tires (yep it is nearly useless) it still helps me get a little cadence on the roads.

So for the past 3 weeks I have saved nearly 60TL (40$) which is not huge but not an amount to be neglected. With this small budget I have saved, I am now planning to enter a MUD RACE which is definitely going to be full of fun. I hope I’ll get to share my mud covered face in a few weeks. There are many races I’m planning to compete in the next 2 months and I’m definitely going to need every spare cash I can. I hope this will help me grab on to this active life style.

If you are trying to make a change in your life, start with something as small as this. Walk or ride your bicycle to work if not for your casual travelling around the city. Take a few photos, listen to the streets or just put your earphones on and listen to the album you’ve forgotten to. Make small adjustments in your life to keep it interesting and cosy.

The Offseason is Over! Enjoy the Training!

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