Coffee Beans & Pre-Race

Hey there! It’s been some time now!. I was pretty tired of all the races but now, I am back! Motivated and full of energy to race 24/7!


It’s been 3 weeks since my big accomplishment, my first sprint triathlon! I wasn’t too tired afterwards, actually I was pretty energetic and I had a few good training following the tri. I was so good that, I pushed beyond my safe limits and ran an unofficial half marathon with a buddy of mine.(very bad idea) Let’s have a few flashbacks!


It was a beautiful Sunday Morning! The weekend before I had a nice, slow paced 10K run, and I wanted to keep my motivation up and keep moving; so a few orienteers and I met early in the morning to have another 10K run. Two triathletes also joined us for the run, however one of them had a half-marathon run planned for that day. My 10K was very slow, as I had the chance to chat with a friend I hadn’t had the chance to see in a long time, so after the 10K, I still had a good amount of energy. My triathlete friend really doesn’t like to run alone, so I decided to run at least a 3K with him. Guess what happened; a freaking idea to finish his run with him.


After the run, my legs were sour for 3 days straight, really bringing my motivation down, and making me regret my decisions. Thankfully on Thursday, I was feeling pretty good, ready for the interval training we had planned out. One thing I noticed on Thursday is that I can’t seem to really push myself, s   till! My pace is a lot different than others; giving me a hard time while doing intervals with others. What I noticed is that I like to run fast in long distances but hate to start sprinting in the last 20-30m. I definitely need to adjust my training program to suit what I like to train.

So what’s up with the week ahead?
-A lot of races!

On Sunday, I have a 6K Trail Run planned out. SalomonXRuns!

This is more like a warm up run for me, as the whole week is going to be about ORIENTEERING!
On 31st of October 10th Ist5Days is starting! 5 Days & 5 Races & ISTANBUL!

I’m very excited about ist5days as for the past 2 years I really had no chance in planning and racing in Ist5Days however this year everything went according to plan, and I will be racing my certain parts off in the most beautiful terrains in Turkey!

Be sure to wait for great posts about Ist5Days!

What else is up?

Well there’s a big deal going on around my university, the municipality cutting down trees at the middle of the night, the students trying to fight back and nature screaming in fear. Here’s more to read about it! and if you’re intrested Just a bit more!

In response we got to plant a lot of new trees in our campus. Hopefully to become a bigger forest, and more places to run & orienteer one day.


Finally, I bought some great coffee! Why? Well homeworks are the main answer to this 🙂 My studies are pretty heavy this semester, and me planning an Erasmus for the upcoming year certainly doesn’t help. I am seeking the solution in the beautiful flavored coffee beans. I’m taking a sip from my coffee with lactose-free milk as I write this down.

’til the end of the bunch of races
Save the Green!

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