Time for a few Changes!


Its been some time haven’t it? You would not believe how many times I started scribbling something down, and let it rot in the ‘Drafts’. I am perfectionist, ok? I can’t post it online, before its perfect but now its time to make a change! I’ve been to many races, did a few PRs, and met awesome people in the past few months and if I don’t start sharing these, I’ll definitely forget it. So from now on, I’ll try to share, even if it is a few sentences or pictures, anything that is worth mentioning.

Let’s start with the biggest step, I bought my first domain name! dorukbalkan.com is now online! It was an impulsive move, I don’t even remember what motivated me. (see, already forgot 😦 ) A few friends of mine were posting on their blogs, met a few new people who are social media masters and boom just got it without much thinking 🙂

Next on the agenda is the changes on the blog layout. I’ve been avoiding the usage of tags, just because it was going to need a lot of time to design a perfect categorizing system but that’s going to change! Current layout is pretty disorganized, and not very functional. Let’s see what we’ll get.

That’s all for now, need to clear up my mind and remember the adventurous races I’ve been at.